The Covenant of Mayors welcomes all levels of governance, as well as relevant supporting organisations, agencies and associations, to join the initiative and help fast-track local climate and energy action. See below for more details on how you can join.

Local authorities play a leading role in climate change mitigation and adaptation. Participation in the Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy supports them in this endeavour, by providing them the recognition, resources and networking opportunities necessary to take their energy and climate commitments to the next level.

Who is eligible

The Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy is open to all local authorities democratically constituted with/by elected representatives, whatever their size and whatever the stage of implementation of their energy and climate policies.

Neighbouring small and medium-sized local authorities can also, under certain conditions, decide to join as a group of signatories and submit a joint Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan, either committing individually (option 1) or collectively (option 2) to the 40% CO2 reduction target and to an increased resilience to climate change – more information in the Covenant FAQ document.

List of signatories

How to join

To join the ever-growing movement, local authorities should undertake the following process:

Step 1

Present the Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy initiative to your local / municipal council. In order to ease the council’s discussions, you can download the Commitment document here.

Step 2


Once an official resolution has been adopted by the council, mandate the mayor - or equivalent representative of the council - to sign the Covenant Commitment document.

Step 3


After signature, complete your information online and upload the duly signed Commitment document. Please take note of the next steps, outlined in the Annex to the Commitment document and in the FAQs.


Why join

Covenant of Mayors signatories find multiple reasons to join the movement, which include:

When to join

Local authorities can sign the Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy at any time.